October 2007

Ebro Puleva: raises turnover 8,3 percent

Madrid / ES. (ep) The turnover of the Ebro Puleva Group reached a level of 1.955 million in the first nine months of 2007 - 8,3 percent up on the same period of 2006. The Group also achieved growth in its operating figures, with a three percent growth in EBITDA to 215 million Euro, after investing 65 million Euro in advertising, 19 percent more than last year. The EBIT or Operating Profit was up 3,4 percent to 146 million Euro.
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Metro Group: continued growth path in Q3/2007

Duesseldorf / DE. (mg) Metro Group continued on its successful growth path in the Third Quarter. Compared to the prior year, the company increased sales by 10,8 percent to 15,7 billion Euro. Other Highlights:
  • International business grows 13,6 percent to 9,2 billion Euro
  • German operations stepped up sales by 6,9 percent
  • EBIT up 14,8 percent to 323 million Euro in Third Quarter
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