ADM: Advances Environmental Goals

Decatur / IL. (adm) A companywide campaign to curb emissions, reduce energy use and decrease water consumption is showing early results at Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM), according to the company´s newly released Corporate Responsibility report. Between 2010 and 2012, implementation of energy-saving projects generated an estimated 4,3 percent reduction in ADM´s total energy consumption and a 2,6 percent reduction in global greenhouse gas emissions, both on a per-unit-of-production basis. This progress puts the company on-track to achieve its goal of a 15 percent reduction in both areas by 2020. The report also notes that from 2008 to 2012, ADM reduced water use 11,8 percent at the six U.S. corn-processing facilities responsible for 70 percent of its global water consumption. The company has committed to a 15 percent reduction per unit of production by 2018. «ADM´s dual focus on Operational Excellence and on serving vital needs in a sustainable way is improving our environmental profile», said Matt Jansen, senior vice president and president, ADM Oilseeds, who chairs the company´s sustainability committee. «We are pleased at the results we have been able to deliver so far, and we think prospects are excellent for continued improvement». In addition to environmental data, the new report provides detailed background on the company´s ongoing work to ensure more sustainable supply chains for palm oil, soybeans and cocoa. It offers an overview of company innovations in areas ranging from renewable chemicals to greener tugboats and more fuel-efficient road and rail transportation. And, it details many of the projects and organizations the company´s social-investment program, ADM Cares, has supported with 44 million USD in contributions since 2009.