Apetit PLC: Investment in Pudasjärvi renews pizza selection

Säkylä / FI. (app) Finland’s Apetit Group PLC is investing approximately EUR 2 million in a new frozen pizza line at the Pudasjärvi plant. With the investment, Apetit’s frozen pizza family will undergo significant renewal, especially in terms of taste and structure.

«This investment in the development of frozen pizza is at the same time an investment in domestic work, production and products. We want to offer Finns even more delicious frozen pizza, made from ingredients with a high degree of domestic origin», says Esa Mäki, CEO of Apetit.

Apetit’s frozen pizzas are made in Pudasjärvi, probably the northernmost frozen pizza factory in the world. The factory has a long tradition and has been part of Apetit since 1998.

«Pudasjärvi pizza factory is a major local player. The investment will have a positive effect on the Pudasjärvi area and, more broadly, on the producers in northern Finland, from whom some of the raw materials are procured», says Mäki.

To date, Apetit frozen pizzas have always been made from as many domestic ingredients as possible. The same promise will remain in the future. The renewed Apetit frozen pizza will be ready for tasting during 2022.