APM: Dough maker acquired by two investment funds

Hoerdt Cedex / FR. (div) French Alsaciennes de Pâtes Ménagères (APM) has been sold to the Investment funds Capzanine and Céréa Capital. The funds acquired an 80 percent stake, while the remaining 20 percent stake is owned by the Roposte family. They founded the manufacturer of ready-to-use dough for tarts, pizzas, cakes and cookies in 1994. APM had been linked to an acquisition by Migros-owned Swiss baker Jowa AG in September last year – see backnetz:eu on 2009-09-01 and 2010-01-04. In January the deal was aborted due to «a divergence in opinions concerning the future» of APM. The dough maker has two production sites located in Alsace (Hoerdt and Bischwiller) and has an annual production capacity of 40’000 tons.

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