Aryzta AG: Announcement regarding AGM

Zurich / CH. (aag) Swiss-Irish Aryzta AG announced on November 06 that the Board of Directors has decided to propose the re-election of Luisa Delgado, Urs Jordi and Heiner Kamps as members of the Board of Directors at the Annual General Meeting to be held on 15 December 2020. It also proposes the re-election of Urs Jordi as Chairman. It resolved not to nominate Mike Andres, Greg Flack, Jim Leighton, Tim Lodge and Alejandro Legarda Zaragüeta for re-election at the upcoming Annual General Meeting.

As communicated, a shareholder proposed the re-election of Alejandro Legarda Zaragüeta as member of the Board of Directors and the election of two new board members, Gordon Hardie and Jörg Riboni. Armin Bieri is stepping down from the Board of Directors for private reasons with immediate effect. Aryzta would like to thank all members of the Board of Directors not standing for reelection for their valuable services. The invitation to the AGM with all agenda items and proposals will be published in due course.