Aryzta AG: announces change in listing arrangements

Zurich / CH. (ag) The Board of Aryzta AG, after careful review, has made the decision to cancel Aryzta’s secondary listing on Euronext Dublin. Aryzta’s secondary listing on Euronext Dublin comprises CREST Depository Interests (CDI) which are directly linked to an underlying Aryzta share held by Crest on behalf of the CDI owner. A CDI is a security that represents a stock traded on an exchange outside the UK and Ireland, in this case the SIX Swiss Exchange, which is Aryzta’s primary listing. As part of the decision process around the listing, the Board has also taken into account:

  • The continued evolution of Aryzta’s shareholder base, with less than 4 percent of the shares outstanding now being listed on the Euronext in the form of CDI’s;
  • The resultant low liquidity in the Irish listing versus the primary SIX Swiss Exchange listing;
  • The benefits of having a single compliance and regulatory body; and
  • The overall Board objective to simplify the Group and reduce central costs.

As a result of the review, the Board will be writing to Euronext Dublin to request the cancellation of the listing of the Group’s shares pursuant to Euronext Dublin Listing Rule 5.3.24. Aryzta will communicate further details to CDI holders on maintaining their interest in Aryzta’s shares. CDI holders do not need to take any immediate action until they receive further communication. Aryzta shares will continue to be traded on the SIX Exchange. These changes will not have any impact on the operations of Aryzta.