Aryzta Europe and APAC: Cief Executive steps down

Zurich / CH. (aag) Swiss Aryzta AG announced that Hilliard Lombard, CEO Europe / APAC, has decided to pursue other interests and will leave the group, effective 31 January 2016. Following Hilliard’s departure, Dermot Murphy MD Aryzta Food Solutions and Frank Kleiner MD European/APAC Bakeries will report directly to the CEO and operationally to the COO Aryzta AG.

Aryzta CEO Owen Killian said: «I want to recognise Hilliard and acknowledge his invaluable contribution to Aryzta. Hilliard has been instrumental in making Aryzta a stronger, better and more relevant business. Hilliard joined Aryzta eleven years ago in 2004 to lead our tax function. He rapidly extended his reach to provide thought leadership and play a key role in Investor Relations, acquisitions and organization development. He has been a passionate advocate of best practices and process optimization. We wish Hilliard and his family all the best in the future».

Hilliard Lombard said: «It has been a privilege to work at Aryzta. Aryzta is a great company with very talented people. Under the passionate and visionary leadership of Owen Killian, Aryzta has become an international player of scale in speciality food. It has been great to have played a part in that transformational journey. So, thank you again everyone. I look forward to continued friendship with Aryzta and its people in the years ahead».