Australia: Farmers Benefit From Hemp

Bangalow / AU. (hf) Hemp has come a long way since the hand-made paper of Egyptian times and the ropes of old sailing ships with a one billion AUD industry just in Hemp Foods offers hope for Australian hemp farmers. Hemp Foods Australia is glad to announce two contract´s have been signed that represent over 20 million AUD of sustainable business for Australian industry.

Hemp has come a long way since the hand-made paper of Egyptian times and slightly more recently the ropes of old sailing ships. Today, Australia has a burgeoning Hemp industry which is moving ahead for both the fibre and the seed.

«Both the fibre and seed will be processed with world-leading technology». states Paul Benhaim, CEO of Hemp Foods Australia regarding the two contracts just signed. The fibre will be harvested using a new form of mobile decorticator used to create high-grade fibres for use in textiles and other industrial products. «This Australian breakthrough is a world first». The seeds that are harvested from the plants will be sorted and cleaned using new equipment recently secured by Hemp Foods Australia. The resulting higher quality seeds will enable creation of premium grade oils and protein powders that will put Hemp Foods Australia at the forefront of the growing international market for Hemp foods currently estimated at one billion AUD.

Ironically, despite being the first to take advantage of Hemp in these ways, Australia and New Zealand are last in the world to allow its people to consume the resulting Hemp foods. That is set to change however with Food Standards Australia + New Zealand (FSANZ) currently investigating how the changes should take place following their submission of positive recommendations to the COAG committee now Chaired by the Prime Minister Tony Abbot. Final decisions in this matter are expected in 2014.

«This is a very positive step towards more sustainable farming in Australia, not to mention the millions of tonnes of CO2 these crops will suck out of the Australian atmosphere and millions of dollars worth of new Australian jobs that will be created immediately. Best of all will be the health benefits to Australians who take advantage of Hemp foods as they become available». assures Paul Benhaim in relation to the FSANZ recent risk assessment, which gave a thumbs-up to non-drug Hemp foods. In Europe and North America super nutritious Hemp seeds are used to make delicious non-dairy milks, ice-cream, snack bars and more.

See also: FSANZ Food Standards Application A1039 – Low THC Hemp as a Food.