Azerbaijan: Bread weighs less and costs more

Baku / AZ. (apa) Bread deficiency observed last day in a number of shops in Azerbaijani capital, local newsletters report. This shortage caused rise of price of bread to 30 kopecks from 20 kopecks. Shop assistants say 500 gram and 1.000 gram bread is reduced by 100 to 125 gram in weight in the past 14 days. They said producers raise the price of bread due to flour shortage and more expenses.

The government now is planning measures against individuals and firms for artificially raising the price of bread. The market situation is under serious control and corresponding measures will be taken. As to the reports on grain deficiency voiced by bread and flour producing companies, the government said the Agriculture Ministry is reviewing grain reserved in the country. The decision will base on the investigations of the Agriculture Minsitry (full text).