«Baked from scratch»: ASA rebukes Tesco

London / UK. (rbc) The British Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) upheld a complaint from the Real Bread Campaign (RBC) that a magazine advertisement for Tesco in-store bakeries breached the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) Code´s clause on truthfulness. The ASA ruled that the advertisement should not appear again in that form. The headline text of the advertisement, read: «Fresh bread. Baked from scratch in our in store bakery. Using 100 percent British flour. So every single loaf is genuinely British … Born and bread», despite the fact that Tesco only bakes loaves from scratch in 504 of its 2’362 UK stores and some are produced with imported flour. In its response to the complaint, Tesco admitted that far more (1’288) of its in-store bakeries merely re-bake loaves that were part-baked elsewhere. The full compliant (and the ASA adjudication) is to read on RBC´s web server.

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