Bakers Delight: 700 bakeries across three countries

Camberwell / AU. (bd) While much of the retail sector is feeling the pinch of the global financial crisis and in cut-back mode, Bakers Delight Holdings is trending positively against the economic downturn. The demand for fresh baked bread continues with a stronger trend towards eating at home or taking lunch to work as purse strings tighten. «Our business is in growth, despite economic pressures. We provide households with a staple product offering and are seeing more people go back to basics rather than splurging on big ticket items», said Roger Gillespie, co-founder and CEO of Bakers Delight. «The market for fresh bread continues to grow in-line with the trend towards healthy eating at home; Bakers Delight currently holds a 14 percent share of the Australian bread market», he said to The Sydney Morning Herald. According to the newspaper the fresh bread market in Australia is currently worth over 2,75 billion AUD (about 1,63 million EUR). Over the past 29 years Bakers Delight has grown to over 700 bakeries across three countries, serving 2,5 million customers each week.

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