Bakery Innovation Europe: places are filling up fast

Amsterdam / NL. (ubm) In response to the growing demand for healthy and nutritious bakery products, Food ingredients, the world´s leading organiser of business networking and professional development events for the food ingredients industry, has put together an important annual meeting on improving bakery ingredients selection and application.

With the Bakery Innovation Europe conference less than a month away on 19 and 20 February 2014 in Munich, places are filling up fast with companies including Norgesmøllene, Bakkersland, Tate and Lyle, Illva Disaronno, Besler Gida Ve Kimya, Ferrero, Polarbröd, Bolletje, Eurobisco and many more already attending.

European bakery manufacturers Fazer, Warburtons and Nairn´s Oatcakes will be amongst the expert speakers presenting their insights into the bakery ingredients landscape and the innovations that are helping them meet changing consumer demands for healthier and nutritious bakery products.

Food Ingredients (FI) have picked the brains of some of the key speakers to get some exclusive insight ahead of the event. Colin Kelly, Director of R+D at Warburtons talked to FI about the top challenges faced by the bakery industry when trying to develop innovative products: «firstly I would ask around the appetite and competence of the industry to be truly innovative. I see a lot of very good product development globally, but not too much in the way of truly innovative products. I think we are seeing work on true innovation increasing, and a lot of this work being led by ingredient suppliers – particularly around the themes of health and natural».

The Bakery Innovation Europe conference will examine these key areas of innovation from gluten and allergen free, to sodium, sugar and fat reduction and innovating with added-value ingredients such at oats. Conference chair, Wayne Morley, Head of Food Innovation at Leatherhead Food Research, exclaimed that «I am really pleased and excited to be chairing the inaugural Bakery innovation Europe conference … (where delegates will) learn about the latest developments and trends in this really important sector of the food industry».

Delegates can enhance their time on-site by attending the Post-Conference Seminar – Innovating with Oats on the day after the main conference. The recognition of the health benefits of oats by regulatory authorities in Europe has led to an increased use of oats in bakery. This in-depth seminar developed especially for Fi Conferences will focus on the market and uses of oats in bakery, with an emphasis on the health benefits of beta-glucan, the suitability of oats for people with coeliac disease and the development of innovative, nutritional products to boost bakery sales.

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