Bakery Masters: A new opportunity for talents to shine

Paris / FR. (cl) At the close of a very moving ceremony, three bakers were awarded the highly coveted title of «Master Baker 2010». This honour rewards the best competitors in the first «Bakery Masters» competition. The contest took place under the aegis of the prestigious Europain at Paris-Nord Villepinte from 06th to 10th March and brought together the best bakers who competed in the Louis Lesaffre Cup and the Bakery World Cup.

Loaves with very personal shapes

Winner of the category «Bread» is Pao Chun Wu from Taïwan. The Winner of the Louis Lesaffre Cup 2007 and silver medallist at the Bakery World Cup 2008 excelled in the 2010 Master Bakers competition. Currently working in a bakery in Taiwan, he plans to open his own bakery when he gets home and pass on his know-how to the local inhabitants.

Pastries with stunning flavours

Winner of the category «Viennese Pastry» is Thomas Planchot from France. Coming from five generations of bakers, father to son, Thomas is an enthusiast, always on the lookout for new ideas. Currently in charge of around twenty bakeries for the family firm, and responsible for product creation, he was really in his element, astonishing the jury with pastries with stunning flavours.

An artistic piece dedicated to his wife

Winner of the category «Artistic Piece» is Fran?§ois Brandt from the Netherlands. After working in various countries as a baker, he was finally drawn to settle in the Netherlands by the beautiful eyes of a girl. This made love the natural choice for the theme of his artistic piece. This universal theme that has always inspired and guided the world is the main thread of his work. Indeed, the twelve scenes that he produced represent the story of a couple experiencing major events in Dutch life through the course of the year.

Info: The competition organised by Europain, Ekip and.Lesaffre under the aegis of the prestigious Europain show at Paris-Nord Villepinte, the Bakery Masters generated intense excitement. Over four days, 24 candidates of 17 nationalities competed on an individual basis. The candidates met the challenge, producing exceptionally creative and subtle results. The Embassies of Costa Rica, Uruguay, Hungary, Poland, and the Taipei Representative Office in France actively supported their countries´ candidates, while the public appreciated the chance to get close to the candidates and to taste the products (press release).
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