Bakery snacks: the taste of comfort and nostalgia

London / UK. (cd) When US consumers want to relax during their busy everyday lives, they choose small-sized snacks which remind them of their childhood, says new report from Canadean. Consumers of bakery products look for moments of relaxation and escapism in their hectic lives and want to reward themselves with the most indulgent options. Women feel the greatest need for decadent pick-me-up treats, as balancing the demands of their work, personal, and family lives leave them feeling overstretched. Cookies are the number one choice for moments of me-time, with over a third of their consumption in the US being driven by the desire to unwind.

Familiar tastes evoke happy childhood memories

The report also reveals that US consumers tend to prefer tastes which remind them of their childhood. According to Catherine O´Connor, Senior Analyst at Canadean, «The relaxing nature of bakery products should be emphasized in promotional campaigns and marketing materials, as consumers will be drawn to products that they see as offering a comforting oasis away from the pressures of everyday life». O´Connor added, «Manufacturers should offer familiar tastes that consumers associate with happy childhood moments and treats from their youth, such as chocolate chip cookies served with milk».

Me-time snacking is boosting on-the-go packaging

As consumers prioritise convenience in their busy everyday lives, the demand for on-the-go packaging is rising. Small-sized versions of popular favourites will allow consumers to enjoy moments of solo consumption. Similarly, consumers desire lightweight snack options that they can carry with them to work, providing tasty, rejuvenating breaks during the day. Tired consumers seek flavourful products that will provide energy and satiety. This is particularly apparent around breakfast time when consumers want indulgent treats to jump-start their days.

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