Bartek Ingredients: on Track with New Facility Doubling Capacity

Stoney Creek / CA. (bar) Bartek Ingredients is pleased to update progress on world’s largest malic and fumaric acid manufacturing facility. The project, which broke ground on in January 2023, is on schedule to deliver product to customers by the end of September 2024. «We’re proud to confirm that we’re progressing as expected,» CEO John Burrows said. «We’re really excited to deliver our expanded capacity by next summer in addition to new capabilities for a variety of new products.» Bartek expects the new facility to set a new global benchmark for plant safety, efficiency, and environmental performance. Among its anticipated accomplishments is a doubling of Bartek’s production capacity and a per unit greenhouse gas emissions reduction of more than 80 percent. Bartek is working with the global engineering firm WSP on the project and will continue to share updates throughout the facility build.