Belarus: agrarians work for a strong food security

Minsk / BY. (ami) Belarusian agrarians completed the set task: grew rather good harvest and coped with the harvesting campaign, founded the strong basis for providing of the food security of the country, declared Ivan Bambiza, the Vice Prime Minister of Belarus, in mid-September. In the current year, every region of Belarus harvested over one million tonnes of grains, the general grain production of the country totaled nine million tonnes. The average yield was 37,3 centners per hectare. According to Bambiza, in the current year 167 agricultural enterprises received yield index at the rate of 50 centners per hectare, 32 enterprises over 60 centners per hectare, several agricultural economies reached the level of 80 to 90 centners per hectare. The country founded the excellent basis for the further development of the agricultural industry, noticed the Vice-Premier (source:

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