Belarus: harvested seven million tonnes of grains

Minsk / BY. (ami) Agricultural economies of Belarus harvested nearly seven million tonnes of grains, declared the Ministry of Agriculture and Food. As of August 18, agricultural organizations harvested 6,95 million tonnes of grains, including 281 thousand tonnes during the previous day. Agricultural economies of Minsk oblast still showed the highest index of grain production – 1,78 million tonnes. Agrarians of the country harvested grains and leguminous plants (without maize) throughout 1,81 million hectares, or 79 percent of harvesting areas. Agricultural economies of Brest oblast harvested grains throughout nearly 90 percent of planned areas. Grodno oblast showed the highest yield of grains – nearly 46,2 centner per hectare. The average yield in the country totaled 38.53 centner per hectare, up 0.24 centner per hectare compared to the same date of the previous year (source: