BLE: These are the world’s largest wheat exporters

Bonn / DE. (ble) There is currently great concern that crop failures as a result of the Ukraine war could endanger food security in many countries. Russia and Ukraine are among the world’s largest exporters of wheat, an important bread grain. Nearly 28 percent of all global wheat exports in 2020 were accounted for by these two countries, writes the German Federal Agency for Agriculture and Food (BLE). According to the report, the main buyers of Ukrainian wheat were Egypt (3.1 million tons), Indonesia (2.7 million tons), Bangladesh (1.5 million tons) and Pakistan (1.2 million tons). Egypt is also the number one importer for wheat from Russia. Together, Russia and Ukraine exported more than 11.3 million tons of wheat to Egypt in 2020. By comparison, that is more than half of Germany’s total wheat production (Graphic: BLE).


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