Bomill Receives Order From Mobile Grain Processor Buurholt

Malmö / SE. (bo) BoMill AB has received an order of SEK 2’765’700 from leading Danish mobile grain processing company Gl. Buurholt ApS. The order includes supply and installation of BoMill’s new modular high-capacity sorting equipment.

Based in Brønderslev, Denmark, Gl. Buurholt, is the largest mobile seed processing company in Scandinavia, running at present 13 mobile seed cleaning plants, one mobile stone mill and packaging facility certified for organic products. The company has approximately 3 000 customers located across Denmark, and in nearby countries Sweden and Germany.

With the objective of further supporting local as well as organic farmers, and bringing additional value to their production, Gl. Buurholt sees the potential of BoMill technology and is now investing in its newly developed modular sorting technology.

The order value of SEK 2’765’700 includes the supply and installation of the new generation modular sorting equipment equipped with two modules. The delivery of the equipment is scheduled for Q1 2023.

«We are excited to have reached an agreement with the leading mobile grain processor in Scandinavia and are looking forward to starting the collaboration with Gl. Buurholt where we will together bring further value to farmers and food processors through advanced quality sorting», says Andreas Jeppsson, CEO of BoMill AB.

«At Gl. Buurholt, we provide high-quality service to our customers and always look for innovation that can bring additional benefits. BoMill’s single kernel sorting technology is unique and offers our company new opportunities to increase quality for our customers. We are pleased to enter into this partnership with BoMill. Their new modular sorting equipment has a great design that suits our mobile plants and the upgradable capacity gives us more flexibility for the future», says Visti Møller, CEO of Gl. Buurholt.

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