Brazil: EAM Inc. announces deal to expand burger chain

San Diego / CA. (eam) Ethos Asset Management Inc. USA announced a new long-term financing partnership with Meat Alimentos e Servicos Ltda. (the given hyperlink did not work …), a successful food retail company with a team of more than 16 years’ experience in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Meat Alimentos will implement a range of store types to serve all regions of the country with an initial capital investment of USD 5.76 million.

Carlos Santos, President, and CEO of Ethos stated, «We are excited to be partner with Meat Alimentos e Servicos Ltda., an experienced food retailer in Brazil. We were fascinated by the passion and vision of Marcelo Soares da Silva, CEO of Meat Alimentos, his expansion plans for the General Prime Burger (the given hyperlink did not work …) and ambition to launch a new restaurant brand in other markets. Da Silva and his dedicated team carried out extensive research and studied the impact of Covid19 on the Brazilian fast-food market to create a high level business plan and implementation strategy given the new opportunities that are emerging. New partners will be supporting the new brand and will increase the skill set and expertise of the leadership and governance teams. We are especially pleased to be able to continue our investments in Brazil. In particular, our investment will enable further job creation and career opportunities for local and national communities within the outlets and supply chain at this challenging time as Brazil emerges from the Covid19 pandemic.»

Marcelo Soares da Silva, CEO of Meat Alimentos e Servicos Ltda., said, «We are sure that we have found the ideal partnership for our expansion strategy throughout the national territory, which was strategically designed and planned thinking about this new post-pandemic moment, respecting the current needs of consumers, whether in person service or by delivery, but always preserving the quality of our products and services already recognized in our segment.

«I thank Carlos Santos and his team for their trust and dedication to our project, as well as our consultant and advisor Perminio Moreira for the support provided.

«Ethos Asset Management represents a great alternative to what we find in the Brazilian financial system, allowing several Brazilian entrepreneurs to plan their future with their support, as we have good projects to make our country’s growth possible and this model provides fundamental support for this!»

Perminio Moreira, said, «As a Consultant and Adviser of Grupo Meat Alimentos I express my compliments to ETHOS and Meat Alimentos for the partnership. I know the effort involved on both sides to reach the conclusion of this issue. I am sure that we are breaking a paradigm with this form of financing and such favorable conditions for the current Brazilian market for this type of operations.

«As a Consultant and Advisor to some retail companies in Brazil, I express my recognition to Ethos Asset Management in that retail and industry will have a great partner to present and evolve in the expansion and development of large businesses. Congratulations to everyone who helped and participated to get us here».

Mayra Fonseca Couto, Ethos Executive Director, South America, said, «The partnership with Meat Alimentos e Serviços Ltda is significant for Ethos in terms of diversification of our Group’s investments and will allow us to foster a segment that was strongly affected by the effects of the pandemic, generating job opportunities directly and indirectly. The Meat Alimentos expansion project at such a difficult moment in the economy shows the resilience of Perminio Moreira and Marcelo Soares, and the excellence in managing the business that has already exceeded 16 years. Just like our new partners, Ethos is optimistic and believes in the economic recovery of the Brazilian economy.»

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