Bread sommelier training for the first time also in English

Weinheim / DE. (adb) Since 2015, the Academy of the German Baking Trade (Bundesakademie) in Weinheim, Germany, has been offering certified advanced training for experienced craft bakers who want to become bread sommeliers. It has so far attracted more than 200 graduates from seven countries. The course has won national awards in Germany as well as the «European Innovative Vocational Education and Training Provider Award 2019,» presented by the European Commission.

Now, for the first time, the high-caliber continuing education course is being offered in English. This means that bakers from other parts of the world now have the opportunity to add an important educational component to their career and to become a certified bread sommelier. The training includes two modules in Germany (September 2023 and September 2024) as well as live online sessions and self-study phases in between. This intensive course will be a new level for you. Take the first step and enroll now.