Britannia: takes full control of Daily Bread

Mumbai / IN. (bi) Britannia Industries Limited, member of the Indian Wadia Group and top biscuit maker on the subcontinent, has acquired all of Bangalore-based bakery foods retailer Daily Bread, raising its stake from 50 percent earlier. «We had an original plan to take full control of Daily Bread by 2011, but we have now advanced that», Vinita Bali, MD of Britannia Industries, told The Economic Times. Daily Bread is a manufacturer and retailer of bakery products, including specialty breads, across the institutional and retail segments. It also operates standalone retail outlets and kiosks in markets like Bangalore and Goa, which is now likely to be scaled up. Daily Bread is as an incubation venture that it is currently being perfected in order to be rolled out once the external environment improves, Bali told The Economic Times.

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