Buhler Group: Announces New Chief Executive

Uzwil / CH. (btg) Swiss Buhler Group announced a new Chief Executive. Stefan Scheiber will succeed Calvin Grieder as the CEO of Buhler. Grieder, who has successfully held this office for 15 years, will then focus on his role as Chairman of the Board.

Scheiber, highly qualified and internationally experienced, will succeed the long-standing CEO Grieder. Scheiber (49) has been working for Buhler since 1988. In the course of his 25-year career with Buhler, he has headed various sales and production organizations in Kenya, South Africa and Germany, living and working some 15 years abroad. In 2005 he was appointed Head of the Sales and Service Division, thus becoming a member of the Executive Board of Buhler. In 2009 he took charge of the Food Processing Division and in 2014 of the entire Grains + Food business of Buhler.

Grieder will transfer his CEO duties to Scheiber on July 01, 2016 after successfully holding this position during 15 years. Grieder has also acted as Chairman of the Board of Buhler since 2014 and will retain this position. The Board of Directors welcomes this early succession planning for the top executive level of the Group. This will ensure that the long-term corporate strategy is continued, which aims at ensuring the profitable growth of the Group. This continuity has characterized Buhler for many decades. The succession planning for Scheiber as CEO of the Grains + Food business is already in progress.