Bun Co.: expands for Puerto Rico business

Nashville / TN. (nbj) Tennessee Bun Co. LLC and Nashville Bun Co. LLC recently expanded its contract with its largest customer McDonald´s to supply buns and rolls to locations in Puerto Rico. McDonald´s footprint in Puerto Rico encompasses 112 restaurants and the contract includes production of the Puerto Rican McCriollo roll, which will be a new product for the Bun Companies. The contract will mean the addition of 25 workers for the two bakeries. Tennessee Bun was founded 1997 in Dickson to make baked goods for McDonald´s and other restaurants. Nashville Bun Co. was founded 1999 as a packaging facility for Tennessee Bun and was converted into a bakery 2001. Today Nashville Bun manufactures and sells over five million dozen English muffins annually to McDonald´s, Wolferman´s, Deli Express, and Pepperidge Farm Food Service Division. Nashville Bun continues to package buns into corrugated for TBC that are shipped to 40 U.S. States, the Caribbean Islands and Germany. The companies, founded and led by Cordia Harrington, had revenue of 40 million USD in 2006 and is projecting revenue of 50 million USD this year.