Bunge: Reports Third Quarter 2019 Results

White Plains / NY. (bl) Bunge Limited, a leader in agriculture, food and ingredients, reported its financial results for the quarter ended September 30 (Q3/2019).

  • Q3 GAAP EPS of USD (10.57) vs. USD 2.39 in the prior year; USD 1.41 vs. USD 2.52 on an adjusted basis
  • Results included approximately USD 1.7 billion of charges related to portfolio initiatives, primarily the formation of the joint venture for the Brazilian Sugar + Bioenergy business
  • Agribusiness managed challenging markets well and benefited from approximately USD 25 million of net mark-to-market gains, which included USD 95 million of new gains on forward soy crush margin contraction
  • Food + Ingredients performed well, driven by strength in Edible Oils
  • Progress continues on streamlining global business structure

Chief Executive Greg Heckman: «We navigated uncertain and deteriorating market conditions well. While we expect headwinds to continue, we are making progress on our key priorities. We have improved our operational execution, as well as our discipline around risk management. Our decision to combine our global and North American headquarters in St. Louis is an important step in the work underway to streamline our global business structure. We will continue to focus on the business drivers within our control as we execute our mission of delivering results and driving increased returns to shareholders.»

Financial Highlights

USD in millions, except per share data Q3-2019 Q3-2018 9M-2019 9M-2018
Net income (loss) attributable to Bunge USD (1,488) USD 365 USD (1,229) USD 332
Net income (loss) per common share from continuing operations-diluted USD (10.57) USD 2.39 USD (8.87) USD 2.08
Net income (loss) per common share from continuing operations-diluted, adjusted (a) USD 1.41 USD 2.52 USD 3.32 USD 2.64
Total Segment Ebit (a) USD (1,440) USD 535 USD (935) USD 667
Certain (gains) + charges (b) 1,744 38 1,775 108
Total Segment Ebit, adjusted (a) USD 304 USD 573 USD 840 USD 775
Agribusiness (c) USD 153 USD 485 USD 462 USD 655
Oilseeds USD 107 USD 367 USD 369 USD 473
Grains USD 46 USD 118 USD 93 USD 182
Food + Ingredients (d) USD 86 USD 62 USD 203 USD 162
Sugar + Bioenergy USD 53 USD 3 USD 21 USD (57)
Fertilizer USD 22 USD 23 USD 29 USD 15
Other (e) USD (10) USD USD 125 USD

(a) Total Segment earnings before interest and tax («Total Segment Ebit»); Total Segment Ebit, adjusted; Net income (loss) per common share from continuing operations-diluted, adjusted; Adjusted funds from operations and ROIC are non-GAAP financial measures.
(b) Certain gains + (charges) included in Total Segment Ebit. See Additional Financial Information for detail.
(c) See footnote 12 for a description of the Oilseeds and Grains businesses in Bunge’s Agribusiness segment.
(d) Includes Edible Oil Products and Milling Products segments.
(e) Represents amounts attributable to corporate and other items not allocated to the reportable segments.

Third Quarter Results


In Oilseeds, soy crush margins were lower globally driven by the combination of farmer retention of soybeans in anticipation of higher prices and soft export demand for soymeal. Results were negatively impacted by approximately USD 70 million of mark-to-market reversals on soy crushing contracts, which favorably impacted Q2. However, a decrease in forward soy crush margins during the third quarter resulted in new mark-to-market gains of approximately USD 95 million, benefiting our results. As we execute on these contracts, mainly in the fourth quarter, we expect these gains to reverse. Softseed processing results were higher than last year, as were results in trading + distribution.

In Grains, origination results were lower in North and South America primarily due to soft export demand, farmer retention related to the U.S.-China trade dispute and the delayed harvest in the U.S. Results in ocean freight and trading + distribution were lower than last year.

Edible Oil Products

Improved performance was largely driven by higher results in North America and Brazil, which benefited from better supply-demand balance of soy oil, as well as improved execution. Bunge Loders Croklaan also contributed to the increased results.


The decline in segment performance was primarily driven by lower margins in the U.S. and lower volumes and margins in Mexico. Results in Brazil were comparable to last year.

Sugar + Bioenergy

Higher sugarcane milling results were primarily driven by USD 32 million of lower depreciation due to the Brazilian sugarcane milling business being classified as held for sale, increased cane crush volumes and higher ethanol prices.


Slightly lower results were in line with the prior year.

Cash Flow

Cash used by operations in the nine months ended September 30, 2019 was approximately USD 1.3 billion compared to cash used of approximately USD 3.3 billion in the same period last year. The year-over-year variance was primarily due to a smaller inventory build this year. Trailing four-quarter adjusted funds from operations was approximately USD 1.0 billion as of the quarter ended September 30, 2019.

Income Taxes

Income taxes for the nine months ended September 30, 2019 were USD 70 million, which included notable tax benefits of USD 30 million. The prior year included a USD 15 million notable tax benefit.


Based on the current agribusiness environment, which has become more challenging, the Company now expects a decline in earnings versus 2018. This outlook excludes notable items, the favorable impact of Bunge Ventures’ investment in Beyond Meat and higher results in Sugar + Bioenergy.

Additionally, the Company expects the following for 2019: A tax rate in the range of 20 percent to 24 percent excluding notable items; net interest expense in the range of USD 290 to USD 300 million; capital expenditures in the range of USD 520 to USD 540 million, of which approximately USD 115 million is related to sugarcane milling; and depreciation, depletion and amortization of approximately USD 550 million.