Burton’s Biscuit: invests 13,5 million GBP in facilities

Birmingham / UK. (bbc) Burton´s Biscuit Company, a major player in the UK biscuit market, is investing 13,5 million GBP in its manufacturing operations to enhance production, support new product development, and meet growing demand from domestic and international markets. The company invested 12,5 million GBP in its supply chain in 2012. 2013, the second year of significant investment is helping to drive continued growth for the company and its Power Brands, with international sales increasing year-on-year, and the company achieving record market share of the domestic sweet biscuit market. To help meet such demand, new technology will be introduced across all sites to further reinforce the high standards of consistency, quality and reliability in Burton´s manufacturing process. The company´s facility in Llantarnam will pilot new control room technology, which will monitor the process in real time. A first for the biscuit industry, the technology will be rolled out to Burton´s other facilities throughout the year. Other investment initiatives will focus on automation and packaging technology, which will further improve efficiency and provide additional capacity for the new products and formats that will be rolling off Burton´s production lines in 2013 Chief Supply Chain Officer Neil Grocock: «Continued investment in our supply chain and manufacturing capabilities is central to Burton´s vision for being a brand-focused business, able to swiftly respond to changing market dynamics and bring new products to market quicker than any other company in the biscuit market». The 13,5 million GBP is being invested across Burton´s facilities in Llantarnam, Blackpool and Edinburgh.