Café Britt: strengthens its presence in Latin America

Curaçao / CW. (tt) Costa Rica’s Britt Bakery + Café, part of Curaçao’s Grupo Britt NV, chooses Chile to open its largest unit. The bakery-café is a gourmet cafeteria format located in the new international terminal of the Santiago de Chile airport, reinforcing the nationwide presence of the Costa Rican company founded in 1985 that produces coffee and chocolates founded in 1985.


The new café is in the new terminal, close to the departure of international flights, and has access from the street and to the public. Moreover, it has an extension of 500 square meters, which adds to the 150 square meters of the premises located inside the airport. Said investment of the brand in Chile is 1.5 million USD and currently employs about 120 workers in both locations.

Britt Café + Bakery Experience

The establishments of Britt Café + Bakery operate under a franchise model. With the new Britt Café + Bakery, the traditional Chilean cafeteria foods were chosen, and new versions were included on the menu like chicken-avocado sandwiches, churrasco, and salmon.

It has a wide range of food and beverages – both coffee and others – operating 24 hours a day and including breakfast, lunch, and dinner options to offer travelers and the public varieties that adapt to their travel time needs while accommodating your individual dietary preferences.

The Britt Café + Bakery is equipped with a suitable adaptation for a «To Go» bar format to carry products and shop for souvenirs, like a self-service option where customers order themselfs. In addition, table service will be available for sit-down meals. Its atmosphere is enjoyable and warm, with certified baristas who are experts in preparing the perfect cup, a portfolio of pastries of the highest quality, and a versatile menu that varies per season.

Atilio Derosas, Country Manager of Café Britt Chile: «The Britt Café Bakery combines the experience of specialized baristas, the tasting of the best gourmet coffee specialty trait of Café Britt, and the culinary offerings from the highest quality. French pastries are baked daily, and special attention is given to ensure their known characteristic texture and flavor are met. The menu will also offer adaptations of Chilean cuisine, such as pisco-filled chocolates and alfajores filled with Manjar. We want people to learn about coffee and experience the coffee culture during their visit, showing them different methods for preparing this popular drink.»

Expansion plans

For the first half of 2022, work is underway to open two more Britt Café + Bakery at the Concepción and Punta Arenas airports. Britt Café + Bakery has 14 stores distributed in Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru – a country where it also opened its gourmet cafeteria at the Lima airport in 2020- and announces growth plans in Mexico City for subsequent months. The projection for the end of this year is to add 19 Britt units.


About Café Britt

The Company was founded in 1985 to export gourmet coffee from its home base in Costa Rica. It has since expanded to include the production of chocolates and operation of Britt Café + Bakery cafés. It currently has more than 500 gourmet products and experiences in the form of Britt Café + Bakery cafés, Cafe Britt Coffee Tour, and a presence in channels such as food service, airports, and supermarkets. As a brand, Café Britt is renowned in Latin America for creating exclusive gourmet products. Café Britt has expanded its name and operations throughout Latin America and the West Indies, including Peru, Curaçao, Aruba, Chile, Antigua and Barbuda, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil, and Uruguay. Café Britt is a brand of Grupo Britt NV in Curaçao.

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