Campbell: Pepperidge Farm Bakery goes green

Norwalk / CT. (csc) A bakery in Connecticut that churns out about 160 loaves of bread per minute is going green. In short: The Pepperidge Farm Inc. Bakery is switching to fuel cells. It already has one fuel cell in place and another one on order. Plant officials say switching to fuel cells will help the company save on electricity. They say that the plant will go from spending 14 cents a kilowatt hour to around ten cents, which will equal about one million USD a year.

A fuel cell works by putting natural gas, methane, propane into a fuel processor that removes the hydrogen. The hydrogen then mixes with air which then passes into the fuel cell, producing electricity. The company is purchasing the second fuel cell with a 3,5 million USD grant from the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund. When the second fuel cell is brought online, the pair will provide about 70 percent of the plant´s electrical needs.

According to officials the fuel cell byproducts would not be wasted. The company says another reason it is switching to fuel cells is because of their reliability. The fuel cells would not fail in a thunderstorm. Since 1961 Pepperidge Farm Inc. is a subsidiary of Campbell Soup Company (Camden, New Jersey).