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Campbell: to sell German Village Products pasta plant

Camden / NJ. (csc) Campbell Soup Company announced that it is entering into an agreement to sell its German Village Products pasta plant in Wauseon (OH) including the 65’000-square-foot manufacturing facility, land and assets, to Philadelphia Macaroni Company.

Campbell is selling the plant as part of ongoing efforts to optimize its manufacturing network. The company expects the transaction to be completed during its fiscal fourth quarter, which ends on August 01, 2010. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Campbell also has entered into a long-term agreement with Philadelphia Macaroni Company to supply Campbell with pasta products. This agreement builds upon the long-standing relationship between Campbell and Philadelphia Macaroni Company. The company has been supplying Campbell with pasta products since the 1920s.

Under the terms of the sale agreement, Campbell will close the plant before selling it to Philadelphia Macaroni Company. The plant will close on or around July 15, 2010. Campbell is currently discussing transfer rights and severance packages for the approximately 30 people who work at German Village Products with the United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 75.

Campbell´s German Village Products plant produces pasta products that are used in a variety of «Campbell´s» soups. Campbell has owned and operated the German Village facility since 1979.

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