Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop and Wing Zone enter the Philippines

Las Vegas / NV. (css) Following impressive first and second quarters, Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop and Wing Zone announced the signing of a 50-unit Master Franchise agreement with Viva International Food + Restaurants Inc., a subsidiary of Viva Group of Companies, to establish a presence for both brands in the Philippines over the next 5 years.

This latest agreement comes just after Capriotti’s announced its international deal with the Republic of India late last year. Development in the Philippines will work to achieve a similar cause; that being to begin establishing both brands as leading QSR concepts not only in the United States but on the global stage. And with the Philippines being one of the world’s fastest-growing emerging economies, the Capriotti’s and Wing Zone team are eager to witness the foothold they can foster and the experience they can provide to such a key player in the world’s culinary space.

Viva International Food + Restaurants Inc., the food subsidiary of the Viva Group of Companies, is supported by a team of experienced professionals with decades of experience operating in Philippines entertainment industry. A team that has successfully brought popular food brands from the USA, Japan, Italy, Thailand, and Manila to consumers and markets throughout Southeast Asia.