«Cash Cab»: Popular TV Host Partners with Aldi USA

Batavia / IL. (aus) Aldi Inc., fast-growing low price grocery leader in the United States, launches an online video series in collaboration with Ben Bailey, popular comedian and Emmy award-winning host of the hit series «Cash Cab», to put real shoppers on the spot and see how much they know about what makes Aldi, Aldi. The series is equal parts education and entertainment to help introduce Aldi to new customers across the US and in Southern California specifically, where Aldi is planning to open +/- 45 new stores in 2016.

Surrounded by hidden cameras, Bailey surprised hundreds of shoppers at a Chicagoland store in late April. Bailey posed as an Aldi employee throughout the day, handing out wine and cheese samples, replenishing the produce aisle and doing price checks, all while quizzing shoppers on their Aldi Cart Smarts. These entertaining and candid moments are captured in a new video series available at lovealdi.com.

«I had a blast interacting with customers at Aldi and was amazed by how passionate they are about the savings, quality and selection of their groceries. People were quick to call out their favourite products and how much money they save each month», said Ben Bailey. «While Aldi does things a bit differently, you grow to appreciate the quirks as you get to know the Aldi way, especially when you realize how those quirks save you money. Once you are in, you are instantly hooked».

Growth and Rising Demand for High Quality and Affordable Food

According to a new study commissioned by Aldi, 61 percent of US adults said it was too difficult to eat healthy and organic on a budget, and nearly eight out of ten respondents said they would buy fresh, high quality and organic products if it was not so expensive. At Aldi, shoppers can find great prices on fresh, high quality products, including organic items, for up to 50 percent less than traditional grocers. This includes more than 70 varieties of fresh fruits and vegetables, high quality USDA Choice cuts of meat, and Aldi exclusive brands such as SimplyNature and liveGfree that offer organic and gluten-free products, making healthy living simple and affordable.

Rising demand for lower prices and quality combined is fuelling significant expansion for Aldi, as the growing numbers of smart shoppers are discovering they can save time and money at Aldi without sacrificing quality. To bring quality and affordability to the west coast, Aldi recently announced expansion plans to launch approximately 45 new stores in Southern California in 2016, with its first stores opening in March 2016. The Aldi expansion to California is an integral part of a five-year strategic plan to open 650 new stores across the nation. By the end of 2018, Aldi expects to operate nearly 2’000 stores, enabling Aldi to offer its fresh, high quality groceries at everyday low prices to more than 45 million customers each month.

«With nearly 40 years in the US market, we are excited to celebrate the Aldi story and highlight our smarter shoppers by putting a fun, humorous spin on it», said Aldi Director of Public Relations Liz Ruggles. «Our vision for these videos is to drive awareness and education among new customers in a memorable way. Ben Bailey was the perfect choice to help us share that story with the California market. We are hoping these videos give people a laugh and inspire them to shop at Aldi» (Imgage Source: Aldi USA).