Kraft Foods: reports solid progress on growth strategy

Northfield / IL. (kf) Irene Rosenfeld, Chairman and CEO of Kraft Foods Inc. highlights the solid progress the company has made during the first six months of executing its long-term growth strategy. «We are making good progress on the four strategies that will help return Kraft to reliable growth (…) and our investments are beginning to pay off in stronger top-line momentum», the CEO told the investor community in Boston (Massachusetts).

China: on the move to improve food safety

Beijing / CN. (gov) China would strengthen exchanges and cooperation with other countries to cope with the issue of food safety «in a responsible way», Premier Wen Jiabao said in Beijing. China´s food quality was called into question both locally and globally, so the government has taken since the end of July some measures as follows:

Food quality: China declares «special battle»

Beijing / CN. (gov) The Chinese government started a four-month nationwide campaign to improve the quality of goods and food safety. During her speech at a conference on quality and safety issues last week, Chinese Vice Premier Wu Yi described the campaign as a «special battle» to ensure the people´s health and interests and maintain a good image of Chinese products.

Burger King: announces record fiscal year

Miami / FL. (bk) Burger King Holdings Inc. delivered robust results for the fourth quarter of 2007 and with own words a record 2006/2007 fiscal year, driven by significant improvement across key business drivers – marketing, products, development and operations. Revenues, net income and earnings per share improved substantially over the prior periods.

Cargill: reports fourth-quarter and fiscal 2007 earnings

Minneapolis / MN. (cg) Cargill Inc. reports net earnings of 628 million USD in the fiscal 2007 fourth quarter ended May 31, up 75 percent from 358 million USD (1) in the same period a year ago. Results reflected increased earnings from operations as well as a decrease in income tax-related expenses. For the full fiscal year, Cargill earned 2,34 billion USD, a 36 percent increase from 1,73 billion USD (2) a year ago. Results reflected increased earnings from operations and decreased income tax-related expenses in the third and fourth quarters.