China: White Paper on Food Quality and Safety

Beijing / CN. (cd) The Chinese State Council Information Office published a white paper entitled «The Quality and Safety of Food in China». The document, composed of five chapters, describes the Chinese government´s efforts in enhancing the level of food quality and improving the situation of food safety over the past years. The five topics:

  • Food Production and Food Quality
  • Food Safety Regulatory System and Work
  • Supervision of Imported and Exported Food
  • Law Regime and Technological Guarantee System for Food Safety
  • International Exchanges and Cooperation Regarding Food Safety

All relevant newspapers of the People´s Republic published the white paper immediately. Source (we read so) is Xinhua. We did not find the white paper in XinhuaNet but we can say, that there are a lot of announcements about food quality and safety. So please look for the full text about «The Quality and Safety of Food in China» (in example) at
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