CHS and Grand Farm collaborate to answer important questions

St. Paul / MN. (chs) CHS Inc., a leading global agribusiness, is announcing its partnership with North Dakota’s Grand Farm Initiative, which was created to solve the biggest problems facing agriculture. The partnership will allow Grand Farm and CHS to collaborate on the mutual goal of solving problems for farmers and advancing technology to enable agriculture to feed the world.

As part of this partnership, CHS will support and provide guidance to Grand Farm’s Innovation Campus, accelerating the future of agriculture. Grand Farm’s Innovation Campus will provide the space, technology and research needed to further solutions to today and tomorrow’s challenges in agriculture using autonomy, artificial intelligence, robotics and drones.

«At CHS, we invest in research and technologies that have an opportunity to provide value to our customers and owners,» said David Black, chief information officer at CHS. «Our partnership with Grand Farm supports our commitment to developing and testing the next generation of innovation that farmers and agribusinesses will use to feed the world well into the future.»

Grand Farm, powered by Emerging Prairie, recently secured funding for its Innovation Campus near Casselton, N.D. This campus will be used for collaboration, research, and demonstrations. The Innovation Shop facility onsite will host groups, demonstrate technology, and upskill the region. The campus will continue to build on the vision of a region focused on agriculture technology.

«We are proud to partner with CHS, a farmer-owned cooperative with significant membership in our region of the country. This partnership will further enable us to research and test technologies that have the potential to impact agricultural operations across the country,» Grand Farm Executive Director Dr. William Aderholdt said. «The focus and feedback CHS can bring to both identifying and solving challenges in agriculture through the Innovation Campus is poised to accelerate the path forward for advanced agriculture technology.»