CKE: International Reach Now at 24 Countries

Carpinteria / CA. (cke) CKE Restaurants Inc. announced the opening of three Carl´s Jr. restaurants in Costa Rica earlier this month. Located in and around the capital city of San Jose, the restaurants are operated by Gold Star Burgers S.A., who have the exclusive development rights to Costa Rica.

«We are very pleased to have Gold Star Burgers S.A. as part of our CKE team. Latin America is a critical component of our international expansion goals and the premium burgers offered at Carl´s Jr. will be a perfect fit in these markets», said Andrew F. Puzder, CEO of CKE Restaurants. «We currently have a very strong position in Mexico where we operate more than 130 stores. This positions us well for further expansion in Latin America».

«The opening in Costa Rica marks the 24th country in which we operate», added Puzder. «I look forward to continuing to expand both the Carl´s Jr. and Hardee´s brands internationally». Currently, between its Carl´s Jr. and Hardee´s brands, CKE franchises 412 international restaurants with locations in Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Russia, Türkiye, New Zealand, American Samoa, Canada, Kazakhstan and throughout the Middle East.