Cloetta: Nomination Committee proposed new Chairman

Stockholm / SE. (cab) The Nomination Committee of Swedish Cloetta AB has informed the company of its proposal to the Annual General Meeting (AGM) regarding the Board of Directors. The Nomination Committee proposes that Morten Falkenberg is elected as new director and Chairman of the Board of Directors at the AGM, which will be held on Tuesday April 09, 2024.

The Nomination Committee proposes re-election of current directors Patrick Bergander, Malin Jennerholm, Alan McLean Raleigh, Camilla Svenfelt, Mikael Svenfelt and Pauline Lindwall and that Morten Falkenberg is elected as a new director as well as new Chairman of the Board of Directors. Current Chairman of the Board of Directors Mikael Norman has declined re-election.

Morten Falkenberg is a highly experienced and seasoned executive with 35 years of senior leadership experience within FMCG, telecoms/technology, and consumer durable goods companies. He was the President and CEO of Nobia from 2010 until his retirement in 2019.

Prior to that, Morten held both senior and group management positions at Electrolux, Tele Denmark and Coca-Cola and has lived outside his native Denmark in the USA, Israel, Norway and Sweden. Morten currently serves on the Board of Directors of Ansell Limited and Duni AB.

Morten Falkenberg is independent both in relation to Cloetta’s major shareholders and to the company and its management. The Nomination Committee’s proposal entails that the number of directors will remain the same and be seven (7) for the forthcoming mandate period.