Consumers Have What It Takes. Now Show Them How!

Palo Alto / CA. (npdgroupblog) Like many consumers living in urban areas, I decided to try out an online grocery delivery service. Sure, I do not get to sample which produce items make it into my basket, but since I live in the Northeast it is a small price to pay to remain indoors during winter while my groceries are brought to my front door. A word of advice to those who are trying these sites – make sure you carefully read the quantities you are buying. I ordered what I thought were four bananas but what was delivered were four bunches of bananas. Since I live alone, there is no way I was going to finish them before they all turned brown, mushy, and smelly. I managed to eat a few in their first week in my home, but I still had about 15 left to go! Clearly I needed a new strategy if I wanted to avoid all this perfectly fine food from going to waste so onto the internet I went. About half of us have used a recipe from the internet in the past year so I joined the ranks of those who trust complete strangers to give us advice on what to eat! I found a recipe for banana bread, and to my amazement, I had nearly every ingredient. Essentially I needed eggs, brown sugar, and flour. Except for the eggs, I have noz touched the other ingredients in months (thank you long shelf lives). According to our recently released Kitchen Audit survey, I am not alone in keeping these items on hand. In fact, 80 percent of us say we have brown sugar on hand now, 85 percent of us say that for flour, and 86 percent for eggs. I then dug through the abyss known as my pots and pans drawer and saw that I actually had a loaf pan. Again, most people (70 percent of households) already have one in their kitchens. For food and beverage marketers, especially among those with foods that sit in the pantry for long periods of time, there is a key learning here. It would not take great efforts to get consumers to use up your products faster. Since most of us generally have several items on hand, a little education in the form of recipes can get people to use up these items and shorten the purchase and usage cycles. In case you are wondering, I still have about five bananas left and they are safely preserved in my freezer. Anyone have a good smoothie recipe? (Darren Seifer – NPD GroupBlog)