CoolKit: develops concept car for »Lola’s Cupcakes«

Burnley / UK. (ckl) UK-based CoolKit Limited has teamed up with London-based bakery «Lola’s Cupcakes» to develop an industry-wide innovation for van conversions. This will enable the delivery van to showcase cakes and cupcakes on delivery to outlets across the capital and the country, while providing precise temperature control to meet food hygiene specifications and ensure environmental compliance.

Founded in 2006, «Lola’s Cupcakes» now produces and delivers just over 20,000 cupcakes and over 1,200 celebration cakes every day, many of which reach their destinations in converted CoolKit vans. The total of 31 vehicles deliver the products from the bakery in west London to stores in subway and railroad stations in Greater London, to concessionaires in Selfridges and Harrods, and throughout the country.

CoolKit, as the UK’s largest temperature control light commercial vehicle conversion specialist, has been working with «Lola’s Cupcakes» since 2018, when the company first provided two converted vans. The latest order is vehicle number 17 from CoolKit.


The new concept vehicle is a refrigerated conversion of a «Maxus e-Deliver 3». Designed by CoolKit, the electric-powered body features large display windows at the rear and a viewing window on each side to ensure the products on board are clearly visible as they travel through London and beyond.

The installation of transparent viewing windows meant that the CoolKit team had to design a bespoke body to ensure that the temperatures required to be maintained would be achieved even if a different material was used than that used in a standard conversion.

«Lola’s Cupcakes» general manager Asher Budwig explains the background for the special request as follows: «Our expedition manager noticed that people kept asking if we had cupcakes on board our delivery trucks, so we thought it would be a clever way to advertise the product while it was on its way to its destination.»

«We also participate in a number of outdoor events. In the past, we set up tables, but with this vehicle, we can sell right out of the van. It also allows us to carry extra stock so our drivers can sell to the public during their deliveries, which is an additional source of revenue. I am already looking forward to getting the vehicle on the road.»

CoolKit also delivered two larger, electric-converted Maxus e-Deliver 9 vehicles to «Lola’s Cupcakes» this year. These vehicles are considered the future of the transportation industry because they have battery options and battery cooling methods that significantly reduce charging time, extend battery life and increase range.

Asher Budwig: «I really enjoyed working with Mark Beaton, CoolKit’s Sales Account Manager, and the entire team. The communication was fantastic. I enjoyed visiting the factory and developing ideas together. CoolKit is a great company. It’s very well organized, and I think that’s a testament to the hard work of some fantastic people who I really like. When you work at CoolKit, you work with the same people for a long period of time, so you get to know each other well. You’re not dealing with a huge company. There’s always a voice at the end of the line that you know. I’m very happy with CoolKit’s product; we’ve never had any problems.»


The concept-build Maxus electric e-Deliver3 van that will display «Lola’s Cupcakes» products as they are delivered around London and across the UK (Photos: CoolKit Limited).