Coop Eskilstuna: 300 new employees needed

Solna / SE. (coop) Coop Sweden is growing and investing in a new goods terminal in Eskilstuna. The recruitment of the many people who will ensure that one of Europe’s most modern goods terminals starts up in September is now underway. 300 employees will be hired during 2023.


In Eskilstuna logistics park, Coop is building a new facility. The new goods terminal in Södermanlands län will be one of Europe’s largest fully automated terminals for food, and together with a new logistics solution, will be the heart of Coop’s goods supply. The new facility will be joined by 135 current Coop employees. In addition, 300 new people will be hired during the year.

«We are now starting up a historically large recruitment drive for Coop. We are looking for several hundred people who want to join us in opening up a brand new workplace. Here you can be part of developing the logistics of the future while we offer a stable workplace – food is needed in all times,» says Ulf Axelsson, Head of Terminals Coop Logistics.


Of the 300 employees to be recruited in 2023, around 250 positions will be in production. In addition, more than 60 employees will be recruited by Coop and Coop’s partner SSI Schäfer, who will be responsible for service and operational safety at the terminal.


The processes at the goods terminal in Eskilstuna are similar to those Coop has at its manual warehouses today, such as goods receiving, various types of picking of goods and unloading to cars or trains. The major difference in the fully automated terminal of the future is that many processes are handled by robots, with employees interacting with technology to ensure a good delivery to Coop’s stores.


A good and sustainable working environment

Coop has invested in a fully automated warehouse that ensures a good working environment for employees while increasing overall efficiency compared to the current warehouse. Working at the goods terminal in Eskilstuna means that you are an important part of the chain that supplies Coop’s stores with goods. In addition, Coop wants to create a workplace that is sustainable for its employees.

«We make great efforts to create a workplace where our employees feel comfortable and want to be. We have built in spaces for shared activities such as gyms, gyms and places to socialise. This is also a workplace that is very different from traditional warehouse jobs because we are removing the heavy lifting with our investment in automation and we will also offer great opportunities for skills development,» says Ulf Axelsson, Head of Terminals at Coop Logistik (Photos: Coop Sweden).

Coop Eskilstuna Facts Box
  • From Eskilstuna, Coop’s more than 800 stores will be supplied with goods in the categories of fresh produce, colonial and non-food goods.
  • Coop’s terminal will be one of the largest fully automated food terminals in Europe.
  • The first goods from the terminal will go into stores in September 2023. The facility is scheduled to be fully operational by summer 2024.
  • The facility will have train tracks all the way to loading and unloading. This means that Coop’s 600-metre-long electrically powered trains can load and unload goods several times a day.
  • Coop is building one of Sweden’s largest roof-mounted solar power plants on the roof. The solar plant consists of 14,400 solar panels on an area equivalent to 38,000 square metres. The solar cells will produce about one third of the facility’s electricity needs.
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