Coop Sweden: first mobile pick-up cabinet is exhibited in Sandviken

Solna / SE. (coop) Together with Sandbacka Science Park, Coop Sweden is exhibiting its first mobile e-commerce cabinets to facilitate employees and companies at the local science park.

«We want to make everyday life easier for those who work at Sandbacka Park in Sandviken and create added value for the companies located there. We start with mobile cabinets on 11 October, and we look forward to following the development of this initiative,» says Magnus Wåhlander, CEO of Coop Mitt.

Sandbacka Science Park focuses on supporting small and medium-sized enterprises in the areas of green transition, digitalisation and courage to develop. The Park is a workplace for 750 employees spread over about fifty companies, and one of Sweden’s total of 30 science parks and Gävleborg’s only one. In the Sandbacka area along national road 272 there are also a lot of companies and several residential areas.


«Sandbacka Park wants to meet tomorrow’s needs and changed behavioural patterns by offering companies and employees a whole range of services that make everyday life easier with sustainable offices, meeting and conference areas, lunch, exercise and at the end of the day pick up your lunch bag and head home to the family’s activities. Coop has an exciting product and digital solutions that suit our companies and Sandviken residents,» says Kenneth Sjöholm, Community Manager at the Science Park.

The collection cabinets, which include 24 freezers and 27 refrigerators, will also be open to others than those who work for the companies at Sandbacka Park. Deliveries to the cabinets are made every weekday, with a capacity of 20 orders per day. The goods are delivered from Stora Coop Valbo, which also makes home deliveries in Sandviken – a place about 190 kilometres north-northwest of Stockholm.


Wåhlander: «Around 9,000 cars pass by the area every day, so the lockers are also of interest to residents in the vicinity, visitors to the Högbo Bruk destination and travellers to Ockelbo» (Photos: Coop Sweden).