Coop Sweden: is changing its management organization

Solna / SE. (coop) Coop Sweden adapts and develops its organization for increased competitiveness in the market. The change is made to ensure a strong offer to members and the associations. In a changing and challenging environment for the grocery industry, Coop Sweden needs to ensure continued relevance and that members’ needs are met. Coop Sweden is implementing an organizational change to create the right conditions to more quickly and easily meet and deliver on strategic and tactical assignments.

«The last few years have meant major societal changes that affect our members and customers and us as a food chain. We have taken lessons from the time we have behind us and are now adapting to what we need to put in place going forward. Through joint working methods together with the associations, we get closer to each other and can create a strengthened joint offer. The need for change in our industry is increasing and we see a need to be able to act through all levels of the organization,» says Marie Nygren, CEO of Coop Sweden.

The new organization enables increased efficiency and a clearer division of responsibilities, where Coop Sweden refines based on a customer perspective and a clearer process perspective. The change means that two business areas are restructured in order to raise more competences, streamline operations and improve the meeting with both member and supplier.


The Assortment and Purchasing area is divided into two business areas. Nichlas Olofsson will be responsible for the Purchasing business area and Johan Möllerström will be responsible for the Assortment business area. The Sales and Marketing area is also divided into two parts; business area Chain organization and business area Market. Per Magnusson will be responsible for Chain Organization and Stina Thorgerzon will be responsible for Business Area Market. In connection with the change, Fredrik Uhrbom, Sales and Marketing Director Coop Sweden, has chosen to leave his role.

«Under Fredrik’s leadership, Coop has developed new business within the Omni offer and B2B, which has strengthened the brand in Sweden. The effort to strengthen Coop’s membership promise and membership offer has contributed to a large increase in the number of members. I want to thank Fredrik for his efforts at Coop,» says Marie Nygren, CEO of Coop Sweden.

«I have had the privilege of working with very competent colleagues who are now taking the work further. Coop Sweden is on an exciting journey to further sharpen the offer to members and customers. Coop has it all to be a grocery player that offers affordable food at the same time that Coop puts sustainable consumption, health and well-being on the agenda,» says Fredrik Uhrbom.

Other business areas and departments are not affected by the reorganization. The new organization came into force on 20 June 2023 (Photo: Coop Sweden).