Danisco: drives up the fresh bread standard

Copenhagen / DK. (das) Danisco A/S is ready with powerful, new bakery enzyme products that maintain the oven-fresh softness, taste and texture of bread for at least ten days after baking. Unlike the one-type-fits-all enzymes on the market, new Power-Fresh-Bread and Power-Fresh-Special with «G+» technology provide tailored solutions for specific bread applications, including regional specialities such as ovals, panettone and brioche. Joining Danisco´s well-proven Power Fresh Bun with G4 enzyme for buns and rolls, the new enzymes complete Danisco´s targeted range for bread anti-staling and freshness. Both products will be available following their official global launch at the International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE) in Las Vegas, Nevada on 26 to 29 September. «We believe the two new products with G+ technology is the biggest news in anti-staling enzymes for a very long time – and a cost-effective alternative to the current market standard. Consumers only have to squeeze bread once to feel the difference», says James Laughton, Vice President at Danisco Food Enzymes. The longer, fresher shelf life means more satisfied consumers, less waste due to fewer product returns, broader distribution opportunities and an enhanced brand image. «We have high expectations that our new products will make a significant impact, particularly in the US which has a 70 percent share of the world market for bakery anti-staling enzymes», says Laughton.

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