Delivery Hero: Foodpanda starts expansion in Germany

Berlin. (dhh) As announced in May 2021, Delivery Hero Holding S.E. brings Foodpanda back to Germany. As announced now, at first to the streets of Berlin. The German expansion begins immediately.

  • After weeks of testing its service in selected neighbourhoods, Delivery Hero now kick starts its food delivery and quick commerce operations in four Berlin districts (Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg, Mitte, and Prenzlauer Berg) under the brands Foodpanda and pandamarkets
  • Following a smooth and successful launch process in Berlin, Foodpanda now announces it will launch its services in Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich this fall
  • Next to opening local warehouses in strategic locations (pandamarkets), Foodpanda enters strong partnerships with local restaurants and stores, bringing them online to cover customers’ daily needs
  • Hiring for Foodpanda Germany is ongoing, and the brand is well on its way to reach the target

Delivery Hero SE launches its delivery app in Berlin under the brand Foodpanda. After testing the service and scaling it up gradually, Delivery Hero’s subsidiaries in Germany (Foodpanda and pandamarkets) are now covering four districts of the German capital with both food delivery and quick commerce (through partnerships with local stores as well as Delivery Hero owned warehouses called pandamarkets).

«After testing the Foodpanda app for a few weeks, we are confident to deliver on our promise to introduce a superior service to the German market, bringing food delivery and quick commerce to local customers through one single app. Our Berlin employees now have the chance to get closer to the very products they are building and experience our services together with our first customers. We look forward to entering more cities soon to bring customers an amazing experience and work together with local shops and restaurants», says Niklas Östberg, CEO and Co-Founder Delivery Hero.

One-stop shop for Berliners

Through the Foodpanda app, local customers in Berlin now have access to a one-stop shop that covers all their daily needs – from traditional restaurant food to quick commerce items such as groceries and household products. Staying true to its mission to deliver anything locally, Delivery Hero, under its brand Foodpanda, has onboarded a large number of restaurants and local stores to its platform.

In order to ensure an extra fast delivery of convenience items, pandamarkets will be opened in the districts of Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg, Mitte, and Prenzlauer Berg. Through the Foodpanda app, customers can access pandamarkets for a wide range of convenience items, including a large variety of fruits and vegetables, every-day-articles, snacks, etc.

«Over the past weeks, our Foodpanda team has been building a service from scratch in Berlin. We are thrilled to have entered partnerships with strong local vendors and restaurants, and are well on our way to hire 500 people across all functions, in addition to pickers for pandamarkets and riders for pandalogistics. Backed by solid logistical and technological innovation, we now feel ready to roll out our services in other German cities very soon, and look forward to seeing pandalogistics riders hit the streets of Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich», says Artur Schreiber, CEO of Foodpanda Germany.

Expanding through Germany

After a smooth and speedy launch process in Berlin, Foodpanda also reveals its expansion plans, with more German cities welcoming the brand’s operations this fall: Frankfurt, Hamburg, and Munich. Expansion will continue with more city launches before the end of the year. Covering some of Germany’s biggest cities, Delivery Hero, under its brand Foodpanda, is committed to shaping the country’s delivery industry for good. It aims to elevate the customer experience through innovation, benefitting all members of the wider ecosystem it operates in, including customers, riders, restaurants, and local shops (Photo:

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