Delivery Hero: has monetized its investment in Rappi

Berlin / DE. (dhh) Delivery Hero SE, the world’s leading local delivery platform, announced that it has sold USD 150 million worth of its stake in the Latin-American delivery company Rappi. Over the past months, Delivery Hero has sold close to its total invested capital in Rappi in a series of transactions. Delivery Hero continues to hold an approximate stake of 7.9 percent in Rappi on a fully diluted basis, currently valued at over USD 400 million based on the Series F valuation. Delivery Hero first invested in Rappi in its Series B, when the company was valued at approximately USD 400 million. Rappi’s financial performance is a testament to the company’s overall fantastic growth and strong business model. However, Delivery Hero will continue to exercise a disciplined capital allocation, and focus on investments that are in line with the Group’s strategic vision. Over time, the remaining Rappi shares will be monetized at an appropriate valuation.

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