Din Baker: good craftsmanship sells

Kuala Lumpur / MY. (wib) «We may be a rice-eating society but there is definitely an inclination to breads, judging from the number of bakeries that have surfaced in the city», we read in the Malaysian «Star» about the opening of a company, shop or outlet named «The Bakery Moments» in Kuala Lumpur. Flattering words invite us to read more: «The fragrant, pleasing aroma of freshly baked bread allures the senses to locate the source. Of course, the long queues and image of bakers, busy preparing bread, buns, croissants and pastries tells of an outlet´s roaring business».

What outlet and what do «The Bakery Moments» have to do with «Norwegian breads» in Malaysia? The bakery is a joint venture effort between Din Baker Handel SDN BHD and Din Baker Handel AS, we read a few paragraphs later. To our luck Din Baker country manager Eric Leong says at the end of the article, that there are 320 Bakeryet outlets and 64 cafe bakeries in Norway. That´s a useful statement (WikiBaker was looking for…). The rest is pure investigation:

«Bakeryet» means «Bakeriet», we learn at «bakeriet.net» – nice website. But more interesting is Din Baker AS online: «Din Baker is a nation-wide chain of locally based trade bakers. Together we are a centre of know-how, finance and service aimed at most segments of the consumer market. Our customers rely on us to give them timely deliveries of attractive quality bakery products. It all started in 1985, and today Din Baker has more than 80 members with a total revenue of more than 1,5 billion NOK (189,7 million Euro or 261,5 million USD)».

«Din-Baker.no» gives us also an overview about the businesses the Norwegian community is operating in. Among other things we read: «Bakeriet has been launched as a concept for our shareholders, in order to take part of the product development and a fresh design and interior. Din Baker operates in a market that is increasingly based on personal dreams and feelings». And with a little help from Malaysian «Star» now we know, that this market is not only Scandinavia …