DoorDash: Releases Q3-2021 Financial Results

San Francisco / CA. (ddi) In Q3-2021, DoorDash Inc. grew Total Orders 47 percent Y/Y to 347 million. On a Y/Y basis, order growth was driven by increased average order frequency, growth in new consumers, and growth in orders through Drive. International orders grew substantially faster than domestic orders on a Y/Y basis in Q3. Q3-2021 Marketplace GOV grew 44 percent Y/Y to USD 10.4 billion. Growth in Marketplace GOV drove Q3-2021 revenue up 45 percent Y/Y to USD 1.3 billion. Q3 revenue also benefited from the recognition of USD 36 million in gift card breakage revenue, as we built enough history to estimate breakage rates. Going forward, we will estimate and recognize gift card breakage concurrent with the sale of gift cards.

Net Revenue Margin, which in the past we referred to as Take Rate and is defined as Revenue as a percentage of Marketplace GOV, was 12.2 percent in Q3. Excluding the revenue from gift card breakage, Q3 Net Revenue Margin would have been 11.9 percent, consistent with 11.8 percent in Q2 2021 and down slightly from 12.1 percent in Q3 2020. Lower Dasher costs as a percentage of GOV positively contributed to Net Revenue Margin in Q3. This was offset by growth in order volume in new verticals and international markets, which currently carry lower Net Revenue Margins than order volume from our U.S. restaurant marketplace.

Adjusted Gross Profit increased 42 percent Y/Y to USD 709 million in Q3-2021. Adjusted Gross Profit was 6.8 percent of Marketplace GOV in Q3-2021, which was up slightly from 6.7 percent in Q2 2021 and down slightly from 6.9 percent in Q3 2020. Adjusted Cost of Revenue as a percentage of GOV increased on a Q/Q and Y/Y basis, due primarily to growth in first party product sales for which we take control of inventory and recognize product costs in Adjusted Cost of Revenue. Adjusted Gross Profit also benefited from gift card breakage revenue in Q3.

Adjusted sales and marketing as a percentage of Marketplace GOV was 4.1 percent in Q3-2021, up from 3.9 percent in both Q2 2021 and Q3 2020. Relative to Q2 2021, consumer acquisition costs and Dasher acquisition costs increased slightly as a percentage of GOV. On a Y/Y basis, consumer acquisition costs declined as a percentage of GOV, while Dasher acquisition costs increased as a percentage of GOV. The payback period on new consumer acquisition remained within our thresholds in Q3. Q3-2021 Contribution Profit increased 31 percent Y/Y to USD 281 million or 2.7 percent of Marketplace GOV. Adjusted Ebitda reached USD 86 million in Q3-2021, a decrease of 24 percent compared to Q2 2021 and relatively flat on a Y/Y basis. Excluding revenue from gift card breakage, Q3 adjusted Ebitda would have been USD 50 million. In Q3, we continued to invest aggressively in international markets and new verticals. We expect to continue investing in these areas going forward, as we remain optimistic about their potential to add value to our platform over time.

In Q3-2021, operating cash flow was USD 107 million and free cash flow was USD 48 million. We ended the quarter with USD 4.7 billion of cash, cash equivalents, and marketable securities and no debt, the company said in its statement. For additional information please read the company’s PDF file below (113 KB).


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