DoorDash: Releases Q4 and FY-2023 Financial Results

San Francisco / CA. (ddi) DoorDash Inc. (DD) announced its financial results for the quarter and fiscal year ended December 31, 2023. Execution and innovation are distinct skills and the team demonstrated an ability to do both at a high level in 2023. Throughout the year, DD invested aggressively to improve its offerings and launched new products and features that expanded the potential in local commerce. DD is proud that its innovation and investment helped generate nearly USD 50 billion in sales for local merchants and over USD 15 billion in earnings for more than 7 million Dashers in 2023. At the same time, DD grew Marketplace GOV by 25 percent year-over-year in 2023 to USD 66.8 billion, with improvements to its unit economics and fixed cost leverage. DD is incredibly proud of its team’s progress. In 2024, the focus will not change. DD will invest to build tools that solve problems for consumers, merchants, and Dashers, while expanding the scale, breadth, and profit potential of the business. DD looks forward to the work.

For additional information please read the Company’s PDF file below (172 KB):