Eat Beyond: Adds SIRE Bioscience to its Portfolio

Vancouver / BC. (ebg) Eat Beyond Global Holdings Inc., an investment issuer focused on the global plant-based and alternative food sector, announced it has invested in SIRE Bioscience. SIRE is a CPG life science company focused on the plant-based foods and supplements industry. Its products are segmented into three areas: sports nutrition, plant fuel, and plant-based protein.

SIRE recently acquired PlantFuel, Inc. providing SIRE with a solid portfolio of plant-based products. PlantFuel’s leadership has scaled brands to over USD 200 million in sales with more than 50,000 distribution points in 120 different countries.

Fusion Nutrition Inc., which SIRE acquired in 2020, is a Canadian-based, leading supplement company with national distribution. It holds some of the fastest-growing supplements in Canada and numerous category leaders sold in Canada’s top five retailers. Fusion is available in 800 locations nationwide.

«Eat Beyond is excited to expand our growing portfolio into the supplements space,» Eat Beyond CEO Patrick Morris said. «SIRE has a wide-ranging portfolio of brands, and we believe that the supplements industry is currently in an exciting evolutionary phase and that consumers are increasingly seeking to improve the quality of what they consume. Supplements are becoming less about solely producing aesthetic results, and more about improving overall health. SIRE is on the forefront of this trend.»

SIRE will use the funds from this investment for working capital, expansion of the Fusion line of supplement products, and expansion capital.

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