Edeka Meyer: joins Autonomo GmbH

Hamburg | Pinneberg (DE). (auto) Autonomo GmbH, a leading German provider of computer vision technology for retail, announces a new investment from Brookstreet Equity Partners and its inaugural customer Meyer’s Frischemärkte e.K., part of Edeka Verbund. The investment helps Autonomo on their mission to simplify shopping for customers and enhance profits for the retailer. The partnership will lead to the opening of several new autonomous stores in northern Germany, equipped with advanced technology, such as artificial intelligence, computer vision and machine learning. The aim of the stores is to address the current labour shortage while meeting customers’ demand for a convenient shopping experience.

«We are thrilled to partner with Autonomo to deliver the future of retail to our customers,» said Jörg Meyer, Owner and CEO Meyer’s Frischemärkte. «We looked at several providers and Autonomo’s cutting edge technology is best designed to simplify the shopping process for retailers and customers. Our first autonomous store will offer a wide range of products, including fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy, meats, wines, beers, and bakery. Customers can use their credit/debit cards or smartphones to access the store and make purchases without any human intervention, simplifying the shopping process.»

Autonomo was founded in 2021 by Patrick Müller-Sarmiento, Ex-CEO Metro / real Group and Senior Partner at Roland Berger, and James Sutherland, Harvard Alumni). CEO James Sutherland: «Helping Meyer, part of Edeka group, to solve their biggest problems in their physical stores validates the hard work and dedication of our talented Autonomo team.» Chairman Patrick Müller-Sarmiento: «We’ve tested thoroughly and look forward to announcing more innovative success stories in the near future.»