EMA: Fair brought together millers and bakers

Addis Ababa / ET. (ema) Although Ethiopia is far away, maybe this is interesting: Last week the annual meeting and trade fair of the Ethiopian Millers´ Association (EMA) opened at the Addis Ababa Exhibition Centre showcasing the latest milling techniques and processes. The fair brought together millers and bakers from all over Ethiopia for exchanging their expertise.

The association said that currently there was no formal education for millers and bakers. However, they are keen to augment their knowledge of the industry and to realize their potential. At present, some 85 percent of Ethiopian mills are manufactured by Chinese companies. Italian companies such as Golfetto and Ocrim, newer Turkish mills and Buhler mills, and one Simon/Robinson Satake mill account for the remaining 15 percent of the market.

«It is clear that there is a demand for improving the conditions of mills and bakeries in Ethiopia and EMA is committed to developing the sector», the association said to Ethiopian Review. The Ethiopian Millers´ Association was established in 2001 in a bid to develop Ethiopia´s milling and baking sectors. «Representing close to 100 members and up to 190 mills ranging in capacity from 25 tonnes per 24 hour to 500 tonnes per 24 hour, EMA is Ethiopia´s leading organization in the milling and baking sector and the country´s foremost authority on its development opportunities», according to the association.

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